Senior Team
10th April - Round 1
vs Claremont
@ HBF Arena

17th April - Round 2

24th April - Round 3 (Anzac W/E)
vs Sth Fremantle
@ Anning Park

1st May - Round 4
vs Coastal Titans
@ Grenville Reserve

8th May - Round 5
vs East Perth
@ HBF Arena

SAT - 14th May - Round 6 - 5:30pm
vs East Fremantle
@ Wanneroo Showgrounds

22nd May - Round 7
vs Peel Thunderbirds
@ Bendigo Bank Stadium

29th May - Round 8
vs Swan Districts
@ Steel Blue Oval

5th June - WAWFL General BYE

12th June - Round 9
vs Perth Angels
@ Lathlain Park

19th June - Round 10
vs East Perth
@ Altone Park

26th June - Round 11
vs Coastal Titans
@ HBF Arena

3rd July - Round 12
vs Perth Angels
@ HBF Arena

10th July - WAWFL General BYE

17th July - Round 13
vs East Fremantle
@ ATOM Stadium

SAT - 23rd July - Round 14 5:00pm
vs Peel Thunderbirds
@ McDonald Reserve, Whitford

31st July - Round 15
vs South Fremantle
@ HBF Arena

7th August - Round 16

14th August - Semi Finals

21st August - Preliminary Final

28th August - Grand Final
Youth Girls
10th April - Round 1
vs Claremont
@ HBF Arena

17th April - Round 2

24th April - Round 3 (Anzac W/E)
vs Sth Fremantle
@ Anning Park

1st May - Round 4
vs Coastal Titans
@ Grenville Reserve

8th May - BYE
(U18 Nationals)

15th May - Round 5
vs East Fremantle
@ Wanneroo Showgrounds
22nd May - Round 6
vs Peel Thunderbirds
@ Bendigo Bank Stadium

29th May - Round 7
vs Swan Districts
@ Steel Blue Oval

5th June - WAWFL General BYE

12th June - Round 8
vs Perth Angels
@ Lathlain Park

19th June - Round 9
vs East Perth
@ Altone Park

26th June - Round 10
vs Coastal Titans
@ HBF Arena

3rd July - Round 11
vs Perth Angels
@ HBF Arena

10th July - Round 12
Super Sunday
vs Peel Thunderbirds

17th July - BYE (School Hols)
     ** State 15's

24th July - (School Hols)
     ** State 15's

31st July - Round 13
vs South Fremantle
@ HBF Arena

7th August - Round 14
vs Swan Districts
@ Steel Blue Oval

14th August - Semi Finals

21st August - Preliminary Final

28th August - Grand Final


HBF Arena - Home Ground

Mater Dei College - Youth's Training Venue

Anning Park - South Fremantle

Steel Blue Oval - Swan Districts

Altone Park - East Perth

Atom Stadium - East Fremantle
Map Location
Heathridge Park - Senior's Training Venue

Wanneroo Showgrounds - Ladies Day Venue

Bendigo Bank Stadium - Peel Thunderbirds

Lathlain Oval - Perth Angels

Kingsway Reserve - Coastal Titans

McDonald Reserve - Round 14 vs Peel Thunderbirds

Round 1 vs Claremont @ HBF Arena

Goals - Elana (1), Ann (1), Tyhara (1), Grace (1)
Best -

Round 2 - BYE

Round 3 - South Fremantle @ Anning Park

 Goals - Tyhara 5, Elana 2, Ashton, Bella, Brooke, Jen, Kristen, Ann, Janaha, Steph
Our Senior Falcons kick started their season today, after coming of a first round loss to Claremont and a Bye last week,
with a convincing 99-point victory over South Fremantle.

The Falcons whose game was highlighted by good ball use, great contested marking and a strong target up forward
To win the Anzac Day clash 15.18 (108) to 1.3 (9) and win their first game of the 2016 season.

Four first quarter goals got the team off to a flying start with a great snap by Brooke Hongell within the first 2 minutes of play
Elana’s second broke a run of 3 consecutive points and when Tyhara marked strongly and kicked the first of her 5 goals the
Quarter time margin was a generous 31 points. Ellie Hansen one of the youngest on the field was electric in her running and
very courageous with her contested marking, she was to send a huge shudder through the Falcon on-lookers when she was
carried from the ground with a very serious ankle injury when she rolled it in a marking contest.

South Fremantle were very effective in locking down the Falcons at the start of the second quarter a highlight was Sally O’Hara’s
big pack mark on centre wing, but a great long kick for goal by Steph Fearnley broke the hold and when Tyhara kicked her second
the Falcons had stretched the lead to 45 points at the half.

South Fremantle started the third quite strongly with the ball spending most of the first part of the quarter in their half of the ground,
but some good defensive work by the backline, ably lead by Tracy Gallagher were able to prevent those sorties forward resulting in a score.
The Falcons closed out the quarter strongly with some fast breaking runs and accurate kicking enabling them to maintain possession, Elana’s
Quick kick off the ground, Kristen getting an easy shot from the goal square after a 50 metre penalty took the margin out to 10 goals.
When Grace marked strongly on the lead and handed off to Ann McMahon for the third of the quarter and Tyhara booting her 3rd, the Falcons
took a big 75-point lead into the final break.

The flood gates eventually broke open as the Falcons kicked well away in the last kicking 5 goals where another of the games highlights occurred, Jen Nolan's agressive tackling was eventually rewarded with a brilliant solo run down the flank and kicking truly (which was well celebrated too) and Tyhara finishing her great game with 5 goals in a very strong display as a focal point up forward. Allowing the team to celebrate in style Ashton Hill’s 50th game.

Round 4 - Coastal Titans @ Grenville Reserve

Goals - Tyhara (4), Ann, Elana, Ashton, Nicole (1)
The Falcons overcame a hard fought first quarter and a tough physical game to run out eventual winners by 43 points Joondalup 8.8 (56) to Coastal Titans 2.1(13).
Titans set the tone very early with the opening goal 1.40 into the game with some quick linking play on the far wing and a straight kick to set up a good contest. The rest of the quarter was played between the two Centre half forward lines with many bruising tackles by both sides, it wasn’t until 1 minute to go before Tyhara managed a strong grab right on front of goals and kick the first of her 4 goals for the day to put the Falcons in front on the siren.
The second quarter saw the same hard tackling and many run downs catching players off guard, but with cleaner ball handling and the ability to maintain possession. Gunzy took a sensational diving mark midway through the quarter and kick truly, add to that Tyahara second and Elana kicking what is becoming her trademark running goal the Falcons were able to kick 3.2 for the quarter and take a handy lead into the half time break.
The third quarter was a real slog between the two sides with neither giving an inch, just when you thought one team was going to drive down the field for an easy score the other with dogged determination was able to foil it on the last line, no better example than the many times Tracy Gallagher being the last defender charged out of defence to back her judgment to perfection and rebound effectively. The Titans did manage to break through once during the quarter to record their second of the match, but it wasn’t anywhere near the great team goal that started with a long driving kick by Ashton deep into the forward pocket where Tess in her first game just prevent it from going out of bounds evaded a couple of oncoming Titans to centre it straight to Tyhara in the goal square who casually kicked her third.
The final quarter was the Falcons at their best with some great link play through quick handball and plenty of kicks to advantage capped off by some very strong contested marks. None better than Ashton’s mark inside 50 and then kicking a long goal.
The true essence of the Falcons play is how well everyone contributes on the day and to see the first gamers Courtney and Emma compete so well and be so composed is very pleasing and Aleisha Crump who has a great ability to break through tackles to ensure the ball reaches its target is credit for the hard work put in at training.
So the second win in a row brings us up to 3rd and we are back at home to take on East Perth in Round 5, which is “OneLife” round.

Round 5 - East Perth @ HBF Arena

Goals - Tyhara (3), Grace, Julia, Brooke, Elana (2)
Round 5 and the Falcons returned to the nest to take on East Perth, with shocking weather the previous two days, doubt many would have thought that Mother’s Day would have produced perfect conditions, great sunshine and little wind.
The Falcons who capitalised on the conditions and kicked straight early to lead by 32 points at the first change were able to claim victory over a tough East Perth side 11.16 (82) to 2.4 (16).
As mentioned the Falcons got off to a fast and accurate start with many options up forward producing 5 goals, Julia “Jooolz” kicking two, Tyhara continuing her early season good form with one and Gracie and Elana also hitting the scoreboard as well and while the effort may have been the same in the second quarter the accuracy disappeared with 1.6 for the Falcons and only 3 behinds for the Royals both teams struggled to find their radar, it was only Gracie who kicked her second that found the major opening.
Laura and Tess were certainly running amuck off the half back line, if it wasn’t Laura down the left driving deep into the forward line with good marking and breaking through the mid-field it was Tess on the opposite side setting up several attacks with accurate kicking to players on the run.
The second half was a different story though, the hard tackling and ability for East Perth to keep the ball in tight enabled them to start the second half with a lot more of the ball and plenty more attacks into their forward half, a goal in the first two minutes signalled they were not going to lie down. It took a good contested mark from Tyhara and a great running goal from Elana who scouted around a pack and kick truly from a tight angle late in the quarter that enabled the Falcons to just stretch the lead by the last change.
East Perth started the last in the same manner with tough inside footy that kept Joondalup on the back foot and again they kicked truly within the first 2 minutes, but half way through the last quarter East Perth with a couple fewer in rotations lost the momentum and the Falcons started to get the running game back and finished with three goals to break away to the final 66-point margin.
First year players Lucy Haynes and Sally O’Hagan are combining well in the ruck with both girls winning their fair share of the knock-outs, but also providing opportunities around the ground with some strong body work and good contested marks.
Next week the Falcons journey to Wanneroo Showgrounds to play in the traditional Pink Ribbon shield against East Fremantle in what will be a top of the table clash. A game played under lights on Saturday in front of a very appreciative Wanneroo Amateur crowd.

Round 6- East Fremantle @ Wanneroo Showgrounds

Goals - J. Devereux 4, T. Garlett 2, B. Hongell, E. DeSantis, G. Moodie, L. Pugh
Saturday marked the day of the Annual “Pink Ribbon Shield” played at Wanneroo Showgrounds as part of Wanneroo Amateurs Ladies Day, where they raise funds for Breast Care WA.
The Falcons were able to make it 3 in a row for the shield by defeating East Fremantle 10.7 (67) to 1.3 (9) under lights, in a game where the Sharks were never able to get their game going and the Falcons had multiple options up forward.
Julia “Jooolz” Devereux certainly enjoyed the night out kicking 4 goals from some very clever snaps and Laura Pugh’s dominant performance all over the ground was great to watch. Laura’s ability to get down the ground from half back and repel most attacks on the wing prevented East Freo being able to gain any momentum, her hard work and high marks in the first half were capped off by a long goal in the second quarter that opened the lead up to over 4 goals before the main break.
The few times that the Sharks were able to get inside 50 they were met with the great defensive play of Teighan, Bella, Tess and Tracy who were very miserly in not even wanting a behind scored.
The game which is building a tradition between East Freo and Joondalup was watched in front of a very vocal Wanneroo crowd ensuring that this day will remain an important part of the football calendar for the three clubs.

Round 7 - Peel Thunderbirds @ Rushton Park

Goals: M. Dodgson 2, J. Williams 2, T. Kelly 2, B. Hongell 2, L. Pugh 2, P. Medwin, T. Moynihan

Round 8 - Swans Districts @ Steel Blue Oval

Goals: M. Dodgson, B. Hongell, A. Hill, J. Devereux, J. Williams, L. Pugh
The danger in any competition is if one team brings more intensity than the other team then anything can happen, and todays’ game almost proved that.
Swans were relentless for the full four quarters and it took the Falcons to dig deep in the last quarter to overcome a very gallant Swan District outfit 6.11 (47) to 5.10 (40) to remain at the top of the ladder.
Right from the first bounce it was evident that Swans were ready for the fight and ladder position didn’t mean anything, if it wasn’t for some inaccurate kicking early the result could have been much different with the swans leading at one stage in the second quarter 1.5 (11) to 2 points, it was their willingness to run off into space and aggression at the contest that was giving them the early edge, but when Brooke slotted the Falcons first goal at the 14min mark of the second quarter something finally clicked and Ashton who kicked a goal from a ridiculous tight angle and Monique kicked truly from a mark 10 metres out the Falcons took a 10 point lead in at half time.
The long break and a chat from the coach clearly inspired the Swans again who turned the 10 point deficit to a ten point lead with the first three goals, the tenacity of the Falcons to continue to work hard and take critical marks in defence which quickly turned into attack allow a run of behinds until Laura kicked truly from 25 out and reduce the three qtr time margin to 1 point.
Ellie who returned from injury was regaining confidence and her high flying attempts certainly got the ooooo’s from the crowed and she showed her slickest best with long driving runs down the wing to try and spark a comeback in the last qtr.
An injury midway through the qtr to a Swans player which halted play allowed the two teams to group together and strategise for the final onslaught and it was the Falcons that seemed to grab it, trailing by 5 points to kick the last two goals and grab victory from a great contested ball win by Janaha Williams (who proudly celebrated the focus of Indigenous Round) and then Julia Devereux sealed the victory with a mark and goal from just 1 mtr out. The final siren sounded as a ruck tap went straight to Ashton running full speed through the midfield and her long driving kick end deep in the Falcons 50.

Round 9 - Perth Angels @ Lathlain Oval

Goals: T. Garlett, A. Swale, E. Hansen, B. Hongell, J. Williams, T. Moynihan

An impressive surge of late goals from the Perth Angels couldn’t get them over the line over a triumphant Joondalup Falcons, who held on to defeat the home side as victorious 25 point winners.

From the first bounce, Joondalup rose to the occasion and made it very clear why they sit atop the WAWFL Reserves ladder. They spread their wings among sunny conditions at Lathlain Park, maintaining possession inside their forward fifty for much of the first term.  Though Perth’s home ground advantage wasn’t doing them any favours, Joondalup’s goal kicking was, as they failed to put away their opponents early on by only converting 1.3 by the end of the first quarter, despite several entries inside fifty. Perth’s only opportunity to secure their first major was missed early on, as Danielle Wiseman couldn’t convert a set shot directly in front of goal.

Despite this, Perth were finally on the board with a goal halfway through the second quarter.  The contest eventually broke even with both sides proceeding to cough up the ball with unforced turnovers and rushed disposal. Joondalup eventually steadied and regained their dominance of the match, with Abbie Swale and Tess Moynihan slotting their sides second and third goals, winning the quarter and taking home a healthy 14 point lead at half time.

The Angels needed the perfect start after the long break, but redemption didn’t arrive as Perth’s Aleisha Duncan failed to convert a set shot in front of goal, and in a space of minutes the falcons had another two majors. Janaha Williams rubbed more salt into the Angels wounds, as she extended the margin to five goals. Ellie Hansen was also pivotal for Joondalup, pushing up forward and working as an effective ball carrier to help her side to extend their well-maintained lead.

Despite her side never taking the lead, Angel Lea Caccamo provided a standout performance, working effortlessly around the ground for the contested ball, though she later went down halfway through the final term with a troubled leg injury from a rough contest collision.  

Though it was far too late for redemption, Perth came firing in the final term as they managed to score more goals in the final quarter than they had all match, whilst managing to keep Joondalup goalless.

Joondalup now have some breathing space with two wins clear atop the ladder and will head into next week’s round 10 clash against seventh placed East Perth as favourites, whilst the Angels still hold onto their position in third as they approach a week off with a bye.

Round 10 - East Perth @ Altone Park

Goals: T. Garlett 3, M. Dodgson 2, J. Williams 2, T. Moynihan 2, B. Hongell 2, K. McGhie, E. De Santis, J. Devereux 
The Falcons brought a different intensity than they had shown over the last two weeks, jumping on the front foot and immediately going on the attack and it was the free runners that were doing the early damage and when the forwards kicked in with multiple goals the result was almost out of reach by half time. The relentless attack didn’t stop after half time and the Falcons ran out big winners 14.14 (98) to 1.3 (9).
With Ashton out of the side Brooke stepped right up to lead and dominate the mid-field collecting numerous possessions all over the ground, strong marking and finding space a feature and when she kicked two goals in the last quarter Brooke’s day was complete as was the result well in the Falcons favour.
The last couple of weeks the forwards may have been a bit quitter than normal but they certainly returned to form with a bang, Tyhara and Janaha combining for 5 goals and the small forwards in Monique, Elana, Julia and Kell adding a further 5 goals.
But it wasn’t just the forwards and mid-field putting on a strong performance, the backs did equally well restricting the home team to only 4 scoring shots, which was highlighted by Bella Ndayikeze making up 25 metres to run down a Royal forward only one more step away from having a clear shot on goal, the resulting turnover went the full length of the ground for a Falcons score.
Other players to make their presence felt were Ellie Hansen who’s form continues to build after spend 5 weeks on the sidelines with an ankle injury, showing no ill-effects of that injury she continues to take very courageous leaps for contested marks and then her speed is a crowd pleaser. Sally O’Hagen is just as impressive in her first season after converting from basketball, showing great strength in the ruck delivering cleanly to the Falcon mid-field, but her strong intercept marking around the ground is proving just as solid.
So Laura is now 1-0 as a Captain and her leadership on-field was signified by her calmness under pressure, ability to direct traffic around her and most importantly to lead by example in each of her possessions.
The Falcons now return home to take on second place Titans.

Round 11 - Coastal Titans @ HBF Arena

Goals: K. Jayasuria 2, T. Garlett 2, M. Dodgson, E. De Santis, S. Harris, E. Hansen, K. McGhie, L. Pugh, J. Devereux
Finally back on home soil after 5 weeks away and a return battle with Titans loomed, these contest are always good tough physical encounters and this game was no different.
Very low scoring in the first half as the two teams arm-wrestled the ball back and forth between the half forward lines, neither team giving an inch. The contests all around the ground were similar, just when it looked like a player was going to make a break and drive long into their forward line an extra effort was put in by the defenders and locked it down. It wasn't until the second half that the Falcons broke the shackles and got their free running game going and with multiple goal kickers ran out winners 11.10 (76) to 3.3 (21).

The first half was a case of the Falcons scrambling a couple of goals in the first quarter, only to have Titans kick back to back goals in the second to reduce the margin at half time to just 2 points and the second half started much the same with neither team giving an inch. When the Falcons spearhead Tyhara Garlett kicked her first for the day 5 minutes in and Elana added to that a minute later the Falcons started to loosen the screws. A brilliant opportunist goal from Sarah Harris deep in the quarter widened the gap to 3 goals and another great display by Laura weaving through traffic to kick truly gave the Falcons  a 28 point lead at the last change.

The last quarter showed why the Falcons are sitting on top as they had many runners all over the ground with the likes of Danica Arnold who kept popping up everywhere to not only halt the Titans push forward but also across the middle and half forward lines, Ashton, Brooke and Ellie were causing havoc with their strength in the contest and ability to break the lines.
First year player Alison shows great promise with her ability to get in and under and then deliver by hand or foot to a team-mate is proving invaluable.
But it's not all about the attack, Tracy Gallagher is having a great season as the Full Back, her timing on when to push forward and attack the incoming ball or drop back and hold the line has been the key, which is evident given the Falcons have the lowest against score, she combines well with Bella who tracks well on the ground and Sally who dominates in the air.

It is still an all-over team effort that provides the success this year and with the 11 goals coming from 9 individual goal kickers everyone is getting good reward for effort.

Round 12 - Perth Angels @ HBF Arena

Goals:  A. McMahon 3, A. Hill 2, T. Garlett 2, E. Hansen 2, B. Ndayikeze, B. Hongell, L. Pugh, E. De Santis, T. Kelly
If the last time these two sides met was any indication then this game was going to be a tough one and would be a great 4 quarter contest. The first quarter certainly didn't disappoint,
both sides were up and about early displaying tough, hard tackling and at times free running footy with really great accuracy as well with 7 straight goals to start the day.

The falcons opened up in the first minute with a good running snap from Ann McMahon, before the Angels levelled up 4 minues later after a bit of an arm wrestle. Ellie Hansen put the Falcons back up by a goal a couple of minutes later only to have the Angels level up again straight away. The ball was then played between the two half forward lines with neither team giving an inch, the Angels then breaking the deadlock after 5 minutes of uncomprimising football with a third for the quarter, but when Tyhara kicked truly and Elana added another of her trade-mark running goals the Falcons finished the quarter one goal in front leading 4.0 (24) to 3.0 (18).

Joondalup had obviously used up all their accuracy in the first quarter after starting the second with 5 consecutive behinds and it took a great opportunists goal from Teighan Kelly who latched onto a loose ball in front of goal at the 13 minute mark to put the first major score on the board. Ann McMahon who was playing a brilliant mid-field role snapped another 2 goals, one of which was a freaky right footer from deep in the right hand pocket  and with the Angels only adding a solitary goal for the quarter, the Falcons went into the main change up by 21 points.

Perth had clearly been reinvigorated by the long break and came out firing and really took it up to Joondalup as a relentless struggle continued for pretty much the whole third quarter and it was only a dodging and weaving effort from Brooke Hongell who kicked the only goal for the quarter that broke the deadlock and enabled the Falcons to increase their lead by only 10 points 8.9 (57) to 4.0 (24).

After such a good hard fought tussle for three quarters the Angels looked to have hit the wall as the Falcons who were inspired by the great ruck work of Sally O'Hagen and a hard working mid-field opened the flood gates after starting with 3 behinds ran home with 6 straight goals to run out eventual winners 14.12 (96) to 4.0 (24) to reamin on top of the ladder heading into next weeks bye round.

Round 13 - East Fremantle @ ATOM Stadium

Goals: E. Hansen, L. Pugh, T. Garlett, K. Jayasuria, L. Haynes, J. Williams
On a day that threatened to be a very wet and ugly, one team would handle the conditons better and in the top of the table clash it was the Sharks whose players shone the brightest.

Right from the first bounce it was obvious that East Fremantle were up for the fight and their hard running, willingness to get to the ball first and pressure applied to the player was at a much higher intensity than the Falcons, hence the result went their way 8.6 (54) to 6.6 (42).

The signs were there early with East Fremantle kicking the first three goals of the game from some clever rebound footy and fast breaks from the centre. An instictive mid-air kick from Ellie Hansen right on the goal line finally got the Falcons moving and another from Kristen Jayasuria bought the margin back to a goal at quarter time.

A goal to each side early in the second kept the margin the sdame until the elusive Julie Nichols kicked three consecutives majors to put the Sharks 24 points up at the half.

The half time break certainly helped Joondalup regain some composure as they held East Fremantle to just 1.4 but some inaccurate kicking meant missed opportunities and only allowing the Falcons to kick 3.4 and finish up 2 goals short by the final siren.

Some notable performances were Danica Arnold who never stopped running all day and seem to handle the muddy conditions well, Kristen Jayasuria was solid all over the ground but especially in defence, Alison Blanchard put in her best performance to date with some very solid work and her ability to charge through packs and deliver accurately was the key, the mid-field while over-shadowed early fought back well to lead the charge back albeit too late.

Round 14 - Peel Thunderbirds @ Macdonald Reserve

Goals: T Garlett 6, L Pugh 4, K McGhie A Hill 3, E Hansen J Williams 2, E DeSantis G Moodie B Ndayikeze 
This week's round saw Joondalup take on Peel Thunderbirds at Macdonald Reserve in Padbury as a way of showcasing female footy in front of the highly successful Whitford Amateurs under lights.

Unfortunately the lights definitely went out for the Thunderbirds who would have had a long trek back down to Mandurah after going down to a very determined Falcon outfit, who were hell bent on bouncing back from a defeat last week. The result a very one sided affair although inaccurate 23.31 (169) to 0.0 (0).

In stark contrast to the previous week, this time the Falcons got rolling early with Janaha Williams kicking the first within a minute and with a constant flow thereafter the lead had already blown out to a big 42 points by quarter time.
The second followed suit after Ellie Hansen kicked the first of the quarter again just over a minute in and with the mid-field ruinning riot due to the ruck dominance of Sally O'Hagen and Lucy Haynes, unfortunately for Peel it was one-way traffic and the margin had grown to a huge 88 points by half time.

In Peel's defence they were under-manned with only 17 players and the speed of ball movement from the Falcons was running them ragged and they certainly would have been looking for the long break to be able to mount a challenge in the second half.

The break also gave Joondalup a chance to recharge and although the Thunderbirds were able to hold them back for 6 minutes before scoring their first major for the quarter it was followed by another flurry of goals resulting in an unassailable lead. The last quarter was when the flood gates and any resemblance of a fight had deserted Peel and 20 minutes later and 7 goals the pain for them was finally over.

For Joondalup it was a good opportunity to work on disciplines and setups to ensure the team remain on track as the end of the season looms.

Tyhara Garlett was very damaging up forward kicking 6 goals and many pints to go with them and very ably backed by Laura Pugh with 4 and Kell McGhie and Ashton who kicked 3 each.

Next week's game against South Fremantle rounds out the regular season with a finals compaign beckoning.

Round 15 - South Fremantle @ HBF Arena

Goals: T. Garlett 5, L. Pugh 3, A. Mcmahon 3, E. De Santis 2, J. Williams 2, G. Moodie, E. Hansen 
Very windy and blustery conditions were the order of the day, but given it was the last game of the regular season all the players have had 15 rounds to hone their skills and it showed with some precision kicking, strong marking and fast ball movement by both teams, Joondalup showed why they have been able to finish the year in top spot by being that little more accurate, quite a bit faster and a lot more determined to finish the year off with a win. Win they did, in emphatic style 17.13 (115) to 4.3 (27). Right from the first bounce the Falcons went on the attack and by half way through the quarter had brkoen out to a 25 point lead, but South were certainly not going to lie down and rebounded late to kick consecutive goals to reduce the quarter time score to 13 points. 
The second quarter had the Bulldogs on the back foot, but they did extremely well in defense thwarting many of the Falcon attacks and restricting them to 4.7 otherwise it could have been well and truly over by the half time break, instead another late goal kept the margin to 37 points and maybe with a second half revival could have caused havoc. Tyhara was showing why she is at the top of the goal kicking too, by having 4  of the teams 8 goals up to half time.
Alas, the revival was not to happen as the Falcons kicked well away with a 9 goal to 1 second half, 6 of those in the last quarter as the fitness was certainly a factor with Joondalup full of running setting up the 88 point victory.
Tyhara finished with 5, Laura who has great ability to push deep forward from centre half back kicking three, along with Ann McMahon ever strong in the packs and able to finish with some very creative kicking.
There were many highlights from; Ellie Hansen taking several 'spekkies' throughout the day, to Sally O'Hagen's great ruckwork tapping it straight to the midfielders allowing easy clearances to the strong goal line marks and conversions by Janaha Williams and Grace Moodie.
Joondalup now have a bye to prepare for the Second Semi final which is destined to be against the Coastal Titans and most likely will be at Grenville Oval given their League sides locked away top spot also.

Round 16 - BYE

2nd Semi Final-Coastal Titans @ Dianella Open Space

Goals: Ashton 2, Ann 2, Tess, Elana, Brooke
The sun came out for the first game of the finals campaign and it certainly shone brightly for the Falcons who accounted for the Titans to move straight into their 2nd consecutiave Reserves Grand Final with a 7.9 (51) to 3.2 (20) win.

They now wait for the result from the Titans v East Freo game next week to see who their opponent will be.

The game was typical of finals footy whereby no team was prepared to give an inch with good contested footy all over the ground, but with the Falcons remaining calm under pressure they were able to get off to a good start in the first quarter with goals to the running players Tess, Ashton and Elana to give the team a 21 point to nil at the first change.

The second quarter was a real tussle between the two half forward lines with neither team being able to break away, Ann was able to kick a brilliant snap goal which was countered by Titans forward Danielle Fagents, so the half time difference was the same as the first.

The mid-field were working hard all over the ground and with Sally holding her own against the much taller Titan rucks, as too was Lucy as her back-up.

The second half continued the reletless attack on the ball and ball-carrier, but each time the Titans tried to score the ever reliable Falcon backline held firm, well lead by Tracy and assisted very well by Teighan, Bella and the strong marking of Danica who repelled every advance they made.

The Falcons forwards had a tough day of it as the Titans tended to flood back, but it only served to allow the mid-fielders more space to get the ball and score the goals as Brooke, Ann and Ashton did in the second half.

So Joondalup earn and well deserved rest to freshen up for a tilt at their 2nd only Flag.

Round 1 vs Claremont @ HBF Arena

Goals - Chloe (1),  Macie (1)
Best - Tiny, Ruby, Oriana, Dixie, Chloe D

What a great start to the season! For the first time ever we had more than enough girls, even with our Butler sisters missing in action whilst walking the Bibbulman Track.
The game was a tough, hard fought contest and although we didn’t come away with the points there were many positives that we can build on.
From the first bounce we were hard at the ball and our tackling and bumping was outstanding. The shepherds that were applied were extremely effective, although we need to become more consistent in this area to help protect our team mates and give them more time with the ball.
Oriana’s work in the ruck is to be commended, especially as she has never played this position before. Her willingness to get to the contest and use her body was high standard.
The hard run and carry from halfback through the centre by Ruby, Tiny, Chloe D and Kez was a delight to behold and has me salivating at the thought of what can happen as the season progresses and we get used to playing with each other.
Chloe M again pulled in some of her trade mark grabs and kicked a great long goal. Dixie put in a solid effort around the ground as did Jahna, Maggie and Macie.
Today we had 29 players turn up to play and 19 of those were playing Youth Girls for the first time. Amazing! The future is certainly looking bright.

Round 2 - BYE

Round 3 - South Fremantle @ Anning Park

Goals - Jasmin 1
Round 3 saw the Falcons head down to Anning Park to take on the South Fremantle Bulldogs.
With such a large squad Chris and Sophie rotated a heap of players into the team with 12 changes from last round, given it’s so early in the season it’s a great way to see how the new players are adapting to competitive footy and learning to play with their new team-mates.

First half looked a bit tense with glimpses of individual brilliances and while South Fremantle jumped out of the blocks with several charges forward resulting in a couple of early goals the young Falcons started To settle and win a lot of the ball themselves driving forward with some quick transitions forward, had it not been for a bit of inaccuracy scores would have been level at the first change and the second quarter followed similar pattern with a couple of quick goals by the Bulldogs before the Falcons started to tighten the game up again.

After the break the young Joondalup girls seemed a lot more settled and started to really link up well and move the ball quickly around the ground, and started to easily hold their own against South Freo, with the third quarter resulting in just the one goal each, it was evident that once the Falcons get a few games under their belt together they will definitely be competitive. The last quarter was a great contest South’s kicked a goal within the first minute and then after that both sides held their own with good defensive work halting both
sides many attacks, South’s did finish up running out 43 point winners, but an excellent second half by the Falcons shows great promise for things to come.

The drive that Kiden was providing off the half back in tandem with Akoor was great to watch and the toughness that Dixie bought to every contest gave many opportunities to the Falcons slick runners.
Maggie showed great composure with her ability to break tackles then drive the ball long into attack.
Macie’s tireless work in and under all day earned the respect of her fellow players.
Jasmin who has a good read on the ball always seemed to pop up at the fall of the ball and rarely wasted a possession
with good disposal to teammates.
There were many positives to take out of the game and many more games in which to apply them.

Round 4 - Coastal Titans @ Grenville Reserve

Goals - Kirralee (1)
Falcons took on Titans at the home ground this week and the girls were ready for a good showing.
The Titans who fielded an older team and through some very good midfielders were able to drive forward quickly on several occasions to catch our girls on the hop resulting in some quick scores, which allowed them to take them game out 9.8 (62) to 1.1 (7).
A very tenacious effort though from Oriana in the ruck and Chloe Dann, who worked tirelessly all game, at her feet were able to stem the flow to turn the game into a good contest. Maggie turned in her best game yet with some good running out of defence combined with some good long accurate kicks into the forward line, but Titans were able to jam our forward line up to prevent us from scoring from those inside 50’s.
Dana’s ability to win the tough ball and get it out to a teammate was excellent and along with Sarah’s marking and with the ball heading into our defensive half on many occasions Macie’s hard work against the charging Titans was brilliant and prevented several attempts for them try to and score with her rebounds linking up with Maggie/Scovia and Akoor to propel it well down the ground. Tiny basically doubled in height to reach high to attempt to spoil of a much taller opponent, which she did so successfully she managed to drag down the mark.
One of the most pleasing aspects is that the group is learning very quickly how to play very good team football and they are certainly taking the lessons from training into the games, which was very evident with the handballing used to effect to out manoeuvre the opposition and maintain possession.
The last quarter was definitely the Falcons best and one in which they held their own drawing the quarter with the best highlight was Maggie winning a good contested ball running forward and with a long kick over the opposition finding Kezz only 10 metres out who kicked truly.
So some very encouraging signs again and the girls certainly look like they are enjoying their footy.
A win is just around the corner if they continue to develop the strong team play that was shown during this game.

Round 5 - East Fremantle @ Wanneroo Showgrounds

Goals - M. Jeffery, C. Metcalf, R. Riley, S. Anzoa
We returned to the showgrounds to watch the Falcon Youth girls take on the East Fremantle Sharks, the winless Falcons were going to be up against a tough contest given that East Freo had started the season 2 and 2 from their 4 games, but a great goal from a tight angle with only 10 seconds left from Madison Jeffrey got the falcons over the line in an absolute thriller 4.3 (27) to 3.5 (23).
Madison’s game winning goal topped off a fantastic game for her where she literally ran herself into the ground with some brilliant running down the wing to make opportunities and to apply pressure in the packs.
Other notable players were Maggie, Macie and Jasmin who in true Falcon spirit played for East Freo and all put in very good games, with Jasmin also kicking a miraculous snap goal for the Sharks. It says so much about these three and all the players who happily put on the opposition jumper and play with the same intensity they would wearing Red and Blue.
Oriana’s effort in the ruck was great and her play off the half back line prevent many opportunities the sharks had to try and seal the game and Dana Mullumby’s efforts all day drew everybody’s attention, her willingness to apply the hard tackle, to run constantly into open spaces to create forward drives to putting on strong shepherds to allow teammates space were key factors the added to a good win.
Two great highlights that really lifted the girls were at opposite ends of the ground by our last two Club Champions, Chloe Metcalf who was on the right side of good fortune being awarded a free kicked directly in front managed to get the 40 metres required to finally get the falcons first major on the board 2 minutes from the end of the 3rd quarter to give a little bit of life in the contest, a feat the Scovia repeated in the last.
With the Falcons needing 3 goals in the last quarter the task seemed insurmountable given how even the start of the last quarter was and the Falcons only managing a couple of behinds, but a great trademark Ruby Riley run which saw her zig zag around some defenders then settle to kick truly got the ball rolling and when Scovia who received a 50 mtr penalty was 40 metres out directly in front mirroring what Chloe had done in the previous quarter she kicked truly and there was great anticipation amongst the group, but with only about 90 seconds left they still had to get it out of the middle and produce a score. The Falcons did with the ruck knock but a pack quickly formed and another ball-up had to take place with now only a minute left, a couple of quick possessions and suddenly the ball was in the Falcons forward line when the game winning kick from Madison’s boot came from a pack to seal the deal right on the siren.
The song was sung with great gusto and was a game won by sheer determination and real teamwork from every player, so with plenty of games to go and a win on the board the season has some life in it.

Round 6 - Peel Thunderbirds @ Rushton Park

M. Jeffery 2

Round 7 - Swans Districts @ Steel Blue Oval

Goals: E. Fleming 2, S. Anzoa, A. Howsam, C. Metcalf, S. Henderson
Our Youth girls over the past three weeks have started to play really good high intensity football, with some great team play thrown in and it is producing some really good results.
Today’s game against the second placed Swans was one that was oh so close.
Each quarter was a close replica of each other with the Swans starting fast with a couple of quick goals only to be charged down by the Falcons each time.
The difference at the end was a mere 7 points, with the Swans taking the win 8.1 (49) to 6.6.(42).

Scovia competed extremely well in the ruck with her high leaping and was ably supported by Dixie and Chloe and with Ruby Riley using her great speed to effect the Falcons were able to regain momentum each time the Swans looked like they were going to split the game wide open.
A highlight was again how well the Falcons can link up and move the ball quickly and directly from one end to the other a create scoring opportunities and with a little more accuracy could have snatched this one away from the black and whites.
Emma Fleming certainly made good use of her chances in the second quarter bagging two goals within two minutes from some quick thinking and some excellent team play.
Training has been concentrating heavily on good ball movement by hand and centre clearance work and both are very evident in how well players under pressure and able to find a teammate with accurate handballs and the work in the middle is starting to create quick drives forward, allowing the Falcons to put the opposition backs under immediate pressure.
Other notable efforts in this game were Caitlin Gallagher, who is emulating her mothers’ reliability down back with several intercept marks and Alyssa Kelly’s strong contests in the air and on the ground, both were able to start many of the teams runs off the half back line and more importantly prevent the swans getting the run on they so eagerly chasing.

Round 8 - Perth Angels @ Lathlain Oval

Goals - M MacLachlan 2, K Ralls 1
This weeks game was always going to be tough assignment, Angels have proven to be a dominant team this year and it was clear to see why as they are quite a tall side with several State level players, combine this with their ability to move the ball quickly and the Falcons certainly needed their very best.

While there were several players putting in good individual efforts it was a day where it just didn't seem to combine well, until the last quarter when there were several passages of play that proved the Falcons can be thereabouts when on song and so much to look forward to.

Maggie continues to improve in her first season as is becoming a strong contributor all over the ground, strong marking, long kicking and strength to burst through tackles and then break the lines to create opportunities and then to be able to kick goals shows an all round ability.

While the Angels had the better of the scoring and many more inside 50's, the likes of Macie,Sarah, ChloeD and Dana all did very well to push back many attempts from good in and under work and strong marking and when Cheyenne moved to full back her leadership and direction really added some stability and her strength in the contest prevented several goals as well.

So the girls now regroup and get ready for East Perth

Round 9 - East Perth @ Altone Park

Goals: D. Mullumby, C. Metcalf, A. Kelly 
Tough day at the office, but some good lessons come from days like these.

They did really well, and while it seemed like the young Royals had their measure the Falcons always seemed like they were still in touch and the final result East Perth 7.6 (48) to Falcons 3.4 (22) reflected that.
The girls just need to work on sticking better to their man and not flooding down back and forward and staying in their midfield so when the ball comes back it has a path back.

The handball and run on the girls have been practicing seemed to go missing for most of the day, until a last quarter rally seem to get them back on course for what we have seen in the previous weeks.
What was impressive is the girls ability to match the physical aspect of the game and the girls really put their bodies on the line over the whole ground, so it was more about getting reward for the effort they were putting in.
Some standout performances were Allyssa Kelly who didn’t stop trying all day and managed to repel several attacks, Macie Fisher never stopped throwing herself into big contested packs and clear the ball in the Falcons favour, Teneika Burgess’s ability to stand up and then break tackles was great as it then allowed her to use her speed to break the lines.
Chloe Metcalf’s who also stepped up as Captain for the day showed she relishes that role, her efforts all day to lift her team through strong marking and long sustained runs done the wing using her trademark long kicks to drive deep inside 50 were a feature of her leadership

Round 10 - Coastal Titans @ HBF Arena

Goals: M. Maclachlan, R. Riley
Today’s game saw a return to the form we were showing before the general bye. Although the score shows the Titans won by a large margin, we were much harder at the contest and didn’t let them have anything easy.
Going into a game without a recognised ruck was never going to be easy, especially against Titans. Alyssa and Chloe did a mighty job challenging every ruck contest against much taller and stronger opposition and, with the Falcon players working hard at ground level we certainly won our share of clearances.
Every player worked hard at every opportunity, be it attack or defence, to firstly contest then try to win the ball. In fact, the defenders worked so hard on their opponents that the Titans scores in the second quarter could only come from some spectacular marks. This continual pressure throughout the game is shown in the number of behinds scored by the Titans, as nothing was being given up without a fight.
It was good to see the linking of passes, by both hand and foot, to drive the ball into the Falcons attack and if it hadn’t been for two unlucky posters in the first term and the dogged defence by Titans players, the game could have been a lot closer.
Umayma and Grace, in only their second game, showed a lot of fight and determination at both ends of the ground with Umy being involved in a set play with Chloe and Maggie that led to a major score for the Falcons. These two new players look certain to fit into the Falcons style of play.
Once again Kez played a captain’s game and led from the front all day. Her ability to push herself and run hard to get into space instigated many forward pushes by the Falcons and when our less experienced players learn to follow her lead the team will be a force to be reckoned with.
Jasmin played her best game for the season and showed that hard work on the training track has paid off. The development in her strength and speed is a credit to her own perseverance and will no doubt serve her well in the future. The way she works hard to get the ball and never gives up the chase is the reason she is a leader of this team.
Maggie again played an outstanding game, winning the ball on the ground, challenging in the air, working hard at both ends and in the middle. She is certainly a star in the making. Chloe worked hard when in the ruck and took some good marks and again drove the ball deep into out attack. It’s good to see her back in form. Ruby’s scintillating runs are always exciting to watch and to see her take a bounce then steady before kicking shows she is willing to listen and develop her game.
Although the game was another loss, it was also a barometer to how far we have come since Round 4, when the Titans defeated us by 55 points. The improvement in players’ skills and the teamwork now on display is evident all around the ground. The future certainly looks good if this development continues.

Round 11 - Perth Angels @ HBF Arena

Goals: Maclachlan
The most pleasing aspect for the young Falcons is the emergence of so much promising talent and while the scores and current ladder position may not necessarily reflect it, there is certainly some great signs for the future.

Coming up against Perth was going to be a tough assignment given the overall strength of their team and being the only team able to push the undefeated Thunderbirds this season.
But, this certainly doesn't stop the Falcons and some notable efforts from this weeks game  being that of Ruby Riley who has a great ability to navigate her way around heavy traffic with quick bursts of speed. Maddison Jeffrey that has a great competitive spirit and is developing into the type of player that can be slotted in anywhere even at full-back if tasked with a job to slow down the oppositions scoring. Grace Tapp who is balancing the start of her football career with her successful BMX background and doing well at it as is evidenced by her best afield effort in this game. Maggie MacLachlan who is getting special mentions most weeks deservingly so due to her ability to take on the toughest opponents and come out on top as well as regularly hitting the score board. Akoor Dhalbai showed why she was able to make the State 15's  Schoolgirls team with her ability to latch onto the loose ball and break around tackles to drive forward and with Scovia's strong efforts in the ruck and around the ground also showed why she is joining Akoor in the State team. Chloe Dann leads by example with her intenisty in the contest and never takes a step back when tackling and getting in and under the packs

Even under strong pressure from the sides at the top end of the ladder the Falcons are able to show why they have so much promise with their ability to control many passages of play from defence to the forward line through hard tackling, fast running and really good team effort that gets everyone out of their seats with excitement and its only a matter of time that they will be able to finish off that effort by scoring and change the outcome of games.

Round 12 - Peel Thunderbirds @ Altone Park

Round 13 - South Fremantle @ HBF Arena

Goals: K. Ralls, C. Metcalf, J. Pomare-Hughes
On a true winters day; cold, intermittent showers and high winds, a day which certainly makes it hard to play footy, then add to that three good players being ruled out at various stages during the game, it adds to the great effort the Falcons put in to come away with their second win of the season. Even though the Bulldogs were assisted by a best on ground performance by Dixie and equally strong games from Oriana and Grace (all three played in the red and white all game) they were unable to break the resolve of the Falcons who prevailed 3.4 (22) to 1.9 (15). While South Fremantle may have had more scoring shots and the thought had they kicked straighter may have been able to win, it was the great defensive efforts and pressure from the Joondalup backline that created the inaccuracy.
Looking at the line-ups prior to the start the Bulldogs had a clear height advantage and maybe looking back and given the conditions it worked against them in the end, it was a game played at ground level and the Falcons ability to go in hard after the contested ball and dispose of to advantage is what made the difference, so many times they were able to force a turn-over and then create a fast break from that turnover, which allowed the Falcons to play most of the game in their forward half.
Fast breaks were part of the game plan and it was working well in the first quarter using Ruby Riley's creativity and speed, but alternative measures were needed when she was forced out of the game with illness.
That's when the teamwork really kicked in with the likes of Abuk Nyok, Macie Fisher, Chloe Dann, Sarah Henderson and Maddie Jeffrey really stood up and delivered the ball to Maggie Maclachlan, Chloe Metcalf and Jahna Pomare-Hughes with great accuracy who then were able to drive the ball long down the wings. Although the Falcons were to suffer another blow, just as Maggie was taking control all over the ground she went down after an innocuous bump, while kicking, with a serious knee injury that finished her day before half time.
The young Falcons regrouped at the main break and really came out firing on all cylinders which set up the memorable win by kicking three goals, but one more hurdle had to be overcome when Jahna was also forced from the ground and the game after a heavy knock in a one-on-one contest.
Even though the last quarter was played mainly in South Fremantle's forward 50 they just couldn't penetrate the defense of the Falcons enough to kick the vital goals to bridge the 10 point 3 quarter time margin and eventually the Falcons held on for a well earned 7 point win.

Round 14 - Swan Districts @ Steel Blue Oval

The visit to Steel Blue oval signifies the final game of the season for the Falcons and also the final game for three stalwarts of the team in Bek Warry, Jess Singleton and Lucy Tancred, illness kept Bek from playing, but she did manage to become the Youth Girls games record holder over the 4 years she has been with the team. For Jess and Lucy a special day kicked off with a banner created by co-player Maddie Jeffrey.

Unfortunately though the Falcons came up against a very determined Swans team who needed a win to ensure they could play finals and the end score of 7.9 (51) to 0.3 (3) locked it in for them.

The Falcons certainly didn't just allow them an easy win though some very good contested footy and slick passages of play meant that Swans had to stay on their game for 4 quarters.

Akoor Dhelbai fresh from her stint in the State 15's team showed why she earned her Black and Gold spot with her best performance of the year, doing it all holding good high marks, sustained runs, good tackles and her ability to help drive several attacks into the forward half all highlights.
She was very well assisted by Dana Mullumby who defied her size by sheer persistance to tackle and bump every player to ensure the Falcons could win the hard ball.
The other mid-fielders Chloe Dann, Ruby Riley and Jahna Pomare-Hughes were all excellent at not only holding up the Swans on many occasions, but taking the attack right up to them as well.

So as the curtain closes on the 2016 season, it's the perfect chance to reflect on what was a very encouraging year. There have been so many new players that have joined the Falcons and all have made an impact, but the most encouraging sign is just how much improvement every single player has made, so the future is certainly bright for this young group.
A huge thanks to Chris and Sophie for all the time you put into training and developing the girls, also to all the parents and players who have helped out with game day duties, without this we would struggle to play each week.

Enjoy your off-season and we look forward to having you all back in what will be an amazing 2017.